Naughty Packages are only for those 18 years and older.

We want children to receive Nice List Packages ONLY.

Non of our products are for human and/or pets.
Reindeer Food ingredients include: Oats, Cereal, and Sprinkles.
These ingredients are nontoxic, but are not meant for consumption.
Reindeer food is a choking hazard, and meant for children ages 4 and up.

Cookie Cutter is to be used with adult supervision only, for children
ages 4 and up, and beware of its sharp edges.

Cookie Cutter, Coal, Reindeer Food, and Bracelets are for Novelty Use Only.

Santa Letters are also for Novelty Use Only, beware of paper edges
because a paper cut could occur.

Our Nice List Bracelets are meant for children ages 4 and up. Child Bracelets
measure 5 7/8” around, and are meant for children ages 4 and 5. Medium
Bracelets measure 7 3/8” and are meant for ages 6 and up (sizes vary
depending on size of the child). Large Bracelets measure 8 3/8”, and
are meant for large framed adults.

Please contact us at Elves@Lettersbysantasworkshop.com with any questions!